Fall 2020: Moisture Control and Preventative Maintenance

Taking care of customers has always been, and should be, a priority for businesses. Lower fuel pricing brings in new additional variables. Customers are purchasing more fuel and storing it for more extended periods. This change can create a perfect recipe for water accumulation, stability issues, and microbial growth.

As fuel sits in tanks for longer than standard times in the spring, summer, and fall, it will be susceptible to increased moisture condensation. As moisture levels continue to increase, the fuel will get closer to reaching its saturation point. Meaning the moisture could separate and settle to the bottom of tanks where microbial growth could occur. A critical piece is to address any moisture-related issues in the fall to prevent them from causing problems in the cold winter. If there is no preventative maintenance program in place throughout the year, getting any potential issues resolved in the fall is a must!

Additive companies can take care of customers by testing their tanks for moisture levels, free moisture, and microbial contamination. If there is excess or free moisture found, running a product with Anti/Icer Moisture Control can remove the moisture and prevent the breeding ground for microbial growth.

*Note: if a large amount of free water on the bottom, pumping/draining it out is the best course of action. If the fuel contains microbial growth, use one of our biocide products to kill the growth at the ‘Kill Rate.’ Consider testing and treating your bulk plant tanks with moisture control or biocide to ensure issues are not getting transferred to customers.

The most important part is to have a preventative maintenance program in place and to follow it. We can help build a plan to achieve the goals you need.

Alex Bradley, ET Products / abradley@etproducts.com