ET Products Addresses Today’s Market – November 2020

Whether commercial, construction, trucking, or agricultural, customers ask and expect more from their fuel suppliers than ever before.

As recently as five years ago, fuel jobbers and distributors sold fuel with a single thought in mind: price. However, today’s end-users are asking for more, and fuel suppliers are having to not only earn their customers’ business but must be able to provide value.

With the cost of equipment rising every year along with the costs of  parts and maintenance, it is more important than ever to eliminate downtime.  Most experienced end-users understand that quality product from their fuel suppliers is a key to lowering costs, and reducing downtime.  Communicating the extra effort that you are taking to improve fuel quality and provide this valuable service is very important.

Many fuel suppliers report the need to come up with ways to prove value.  ET Products has a lot of experience in helping out partners get the message out in an effective way.  These value add-ons could be longer or better service hours, more convenient fueling options, or contract pricing.  We also work hard to support our partners if and when  issues arise to allow suppliers to stay ahead of their competition.

ET Products’ team is experienced in helping our partners present solutions to existing or future problems in order to build value and trust with their customer base.  We believe that it is essential to not only produce great chemical solutions, but also back them up with laboratory testing to research effectiveness, and optimize our performance.  Routine testing for cloud, CFPP, or bio content, can assist field personnel and customers on all fuel-related problems and concerns.

-Rob Frerking, ET Products