Fuel Sample Testing and NCWM Premium Diesel Specifications

In the past few weeks and going forward, I have been getting my customers and prospects aware of the new NCWM Premium Diesel Specification. While not all states will adopt it, it shows differentiation in our premium diesel additive. Many of the products of the competition meet the DW10B spec. However,  ET’s quality product achieves a much higher standard. It allows me to quantify our detergent claim and bring it to their attention that it matters.

I also have been getting more involved in customer/prospects winter fuel program. It is imperative to explain that they need to pay attention to the source of their fuel. Many different sources require different additives or blends of #1ULSD. Getting the chance to explain how their performance can be dramatically improved if they allow me to help advise them of this is essential to optimal winter performance. It is continually expressing this to customers, as well. Customers need to get their fuel tested, so I have the appropriate data to help them.

These discussions are starting now rather than too late. Creating a plan for which fuels and how often we need fuel samples is going to help me help them succeed. Waiting until November does not work, it is too late!

By: Alex Bradley, abradley@etproducts.com – ET Sales Represenative