Moisture and Detergent – Summer 2020

Moisture and Detergent

Recently, end-users are more concerned with moisture in fuel. Tanks are showing “increased levels of moisture.” With these issues comes the realization that there’s a need to run a premium additive or additional moisture control to better control and prevent moisture-related fuel tank issues.

Fuel quality continues to decrease and become more prone to issues. End-users need to be informed about how moisture separation occurs and how moisture control works. A crucial part of this process is to send samples into the lab consistently to understand the fuel’s qualities.

Effective premium additives can efficiently address moisture issues. Upon receiving a fuel sample, testing specifications can determine a fuel’s quality.  The next step is to follow up with evidence-based premium additive or additional moisture control strategies to meet the user’s needs.

Now is a prime time to educate and inform that additizing is a priority. Please reach out to us or read below for more information on the following:

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By: Alex Bradley,