Winter Preparation Suggestions for Diesel Fuel

If it is going to be very cold (click link here for minimum temperature forecasts), customers should make extra preparations to ensure that they have more success in operating equipment.  These include:

  1. Agitating tanks before use
  2. Allowing vehicles to warm up for longer than normal
  3. Moving portable fuel tanks indoors out of elements
  4. Starting vehicles during weekends to prevent settling
  5. SOS or like product on hand


Make sure your dispensing units contain fuel filters. Before freezing temperatures replace filters with larger micro filters typically 30 microns or greater. The filter should not be a water removal (hydrosorb) filter in most situations.

Make sure filters on diesel vehicles are replaced within regular truck maintenance schedules. If the truck or tractor filter is doing its job, it will contain some level of moisture. Typical cold start related issues are the result of diesel engine filters icing not gelling.


-Inspect tanks for areas that need to be shored up (vent caps, fill caps)

-Replace filters with at least 30 microns, and make sure that they are not old and full of obstructions

-Check for water bottoms and remove if present

-Treat the entire volume of the tank, not just the delivered fuel

-Check to make sure that the tank is located in a place that will not be leaked on from directly above if possible

Remind customers not to leave the hose in the snow!