April 2019 – Prep for Spring

Spring Cleanup

Now that the weather in the Northeast is starting to break toward Spring, we should be preparing for a spring cleanup of our fuel systems.

  1. Check fuel tank area to make sure that drainage is away from tank. With Spring comes plenty of rain and we don’t need water in our tanks.
  2. Check fuel tanks for “bugs” and water. Treat with FQS or Bug Bomb Minis; thus, eliminating future fuel problems.
  3. Prepare to switch over from Winter Additive to a Premium Summer Additive such as Power-Max 1710.  We have been seeing issues with black filters “filter plugging,” and the Power-Max line of additives will take care of this problem or prevent the problem from happening.
  4. Enjoy the nice weather.

PDF of Information: PrintableTankMaintenance42019

By: David Felix, ET Sales Representative

ET Products | Moisture Control

This chart shows where fuel operability and ambient temperatures intersect.At some point, the two temperatures will cross.  When this happens, the you could be on either side of the intersection “BUBBLE”.  Due to a number of factors, the fuel could fail!This chart is for ET Products LLC standard ratio product or 1x treatment of winter additive! The temperatures are based on a number of fuel tests and could change at any time.