WASA (Wax Anti-Settling Agent) News

What’s up with WASA?

WASA (Wax Anti-Settling Agent) has become a common buzzword in the fuel industry over the past few years. Traditional winter additives with anti-gel and heavy wax modifiers are designed to lower the CFPP and improve operability. However, they do not prevent wax fallout from occurring.

Factors that leading to wax fallout:

  • Fuel in storage or vehicles sits idle for 12+ hours (long weekends are high risk)
  • Extended duration of ambient temperature at or below the cloud point of the fuel
  • Fuels composed of heavier n-paraffin waxes tend to be more susceptible
  • Fuel tanks exposed to wind and elements can cool to critical levels faster. This extends the amount of time they are in the “danger zone.”

When conditions are right, waxes in fuel will start to drop out of suspension. Then, the wax forms a layer on the bottom of the tank that can cause operational issues. When used at proper levels, WASA can keep wax in suspension throughout cold stretches and prevent wax fallout. Read more about Cold Improvers.

Not all products that make claims to contain WASA work the same.

There is a difference between WASA products that work and WASA products that contain just enough to make a general claim. ET Products has a complete line of winter products that contain traditional flow improvers to improve wax filterability and WASA. We typically refer to this combination as WAFI.

ET Products designs WAFI additives to maximize the effectiveness of winter fuel treatment. For example, the pictures below depict the performance level that the ET Products WAFI additives deliver.

Wax settling in fuel without WASA
Traditional Cold Flow Treatment (without WASA) – 1 day @ -15F

Wax settling is greatest.

Operational issues will occur as the wax accumulates at the bottom of tanks and plugs filters.

wax settling in fuel with insufficient WASA
Traditional Cold Flow Treatment + WASA (but not enough WASA to work effectively) – 1 day @ -15F

Wax settling is severe.

Operational issues will occur as the wax accumulates at the bottom of tanks and plugs filters.

even suspension of wax in fuel with WASA
Fuel treated with ET Products WAFI additive – 3 day @ -15F

Homogeneous wax with even suspension; this vehicle will start due to the even distribution of wax crystals in the fuel source.